2013 Rental Rates
Payment is to be in either U.K Pounds Sterling or U.S Dollars. The rates charged for dollars will be as per the current exchange rate at time of booking.

We operate a seasonal variation in rates as follows:

                    High Season  Christmas Easter July / August
                    3 bed - 650, 4 bed - 700, 5 bed - 750, 6 bed - 800, 7 bed - 850

                    Low Season

                    3 bed - 550, 4 bed - 600, 5 bed - 650, 6 bed - 700, 7 bed - 750

Terms and Conditions
Upon booking rates are fixed unless the booking is not confirmed in writing together with the initial deposit within one week. A Non Returnable deposit is required of 75.00 PDS STRLG or $100.00 USD per week booked. This is to be paid on confirmation of the booking. The balance of the rental payment is due six weeks prior to the first day of the rental period. All electricity and facilities are provided within the rental charge. A security deposit of 150.00 PDS STRLG or $200.00 USD is required at this time which is refunded approximately two weeks after completion of the rental period.


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